Sunday, 27 July 2014

Everyday God

God in his wisdom uses everyday things to show he is an everyday God, not just a wake up call for a Sunday morning. The parables Jesus told were about everyday things, they used the common to put across the divine, Mustard seeds, sowers, fishing, the everyday was used to get across the idea of the kingdom of God, so why have we moved so far away from the simple ideas? why do we now need answers to everything, what happened to trust. Now its a fact of life that no matter what you say or how you answer it's never going to be enough for them, in fact i think in some cases Jesus himself could sit with them and it still would not be enough for them, they would even dare to argue with the real person of Jesus sat in front of them, and in some ways thats really sad. You see with some people you can't win, they need the last word, they need something and I'm not sure what it is, but it eludes them and it eludes me. You can't know everything about everything its an impossibility to retain that level of information, so why do we expect to have all the answers about God, before we trust him fully? do we not know enough about his character to say "you know what, i have enough to trust him, and to trust he has the best in store for me"? but our post modern era requires we question everything, and "if it fits my ideas then its fine and thats the truth so don't you dare question my pathway, don't require me to actually surrender to Jesus, because well if you do that and surrender to him fully, you are an evangelical who does not take the Bible seriously" I know how my car works, not fully but i know the basics of the internal combustion engine and electrical conductivity to know what makes my car tick, but i never designed my car and that pesky manual which gives me information about my car was written by someone else. So i have to trust that manual when it tells me certain things about my car, even when they make little or no sense to me, i have to trust the designer that he/she knows what they are on about, you see they have all the information, and funnily enough to drive my car efficiently and effectively i don't require all the information in the manual, i do not require all the answers. Genuinely i believe God is an everyday God, not just in the way he communicates with us, but by the way he interacts with us, by the way he uses the everyday to get his point across, i never wanted to know everything, because i like the discovery of new things about God, i like the divine spark and intervention which takes place in the everyday. Its not about knowing it all, its about trusting enough, its about letting go and sometimes just letting God, for some people that will never be enough, for me I'm more than happy to trust, you can call it blind faith, you can call it foolishness, in reality it's not likely to change me to much, not because I'm arrogant, not because I'm dumb, but because i have learnt i don't need every answer going to trust in God.