Wednesday, 15 August 2012

RIP METHODISM (the day Methodism died to me) it's unusual to start a blog with an email address. But when you switch off and get indignant, it's best you know where to send your moaning to, because i will not be entering into a public slanging match over this blog. It will probably cost me my place a s a local preacher, either by request or the fact at this point in time im a gnats testicle from chucking it in (and that is after sleeping on it for an evening, and praying about it for a large part of yesterday). I'm not going to name and shame people, thats not why this is being done. This is being written for a number of reasons and they are rambling so forgive me for that. Just do not expect me to apologise for what is said.

Yesterday on the UK Methodist facebook page a poster of David Cameron was posted with the word "Bastard" and "scum" in the titler aimed at Mr Cameron. The poster of it has tried to justify why it was done etc, and the usual suspects on all sides have waded in with "pearls of wisdom". The fact is that wether we like it or not David Cameron is a human being and should be respected as such. More importantly we are taught within the pages of the Bible to pray for those who lead us, not just if we like them but to pray for them, heck we are even taught to pray for our enemies, so there is no excuse for the poster being put up on a forum that claims to represent Methodism in the UK.

But here is where my gripe really starts and if i get a little annoyed angry or passionate deal with it.

For the last 6 months i have been working very slowly with a guy who wanted to accept Jesus as his saviour ( i know some of you don't like the terms i will use but, deal with it) he was on the verge of making that leap of faith into the arms of God, until yesterday that is. He was a man of violence, a fighter, a nasty bit of work. He scares me and i class him as a friend, we have spent many days and hours discussing why he should follow Jesus, foolishly i said methodism works it gets a balance and enables growth. Yesterday thanks to a dumb post being put on the UK Methodist FB page, he has now decided we are no different than the world, we are no different than fundamentalist right wing nutjobs in the USA and worse still that if that is what church is about he want nothing to do with the structure or the God of the Christians. Needless to say i'm heartbroken about this, i could not careless about him being a Methodist or not, but getting saved and right with God is paramount, this is very likjley not going to happen in this case now.

Yesterday for me methodism reached the gutter, nastiness, hate filled words filled the page. People were ungracious to each other and in all honesty despicable towards each other. A group of people who claim to accept Christ should actually claim Christ and not pay lip service to him or the cause.

The usual suspects will rationalise it in their minds, they will make excuses about it, some will not give a stuff about what was said or how it has affected my friend or me. The usual pat answers will be trotted out "We are a broad church" etc etc etc, yes thats true, but broad church or not the attitude of Christ should shine through in all we do. We are told we die to ourselves and live for Christ and in Christ, we put on the mind of Christ, the attitude of Christ.

This will probably cost me my Local preacher status like i have already said, not because they want rid of me but because i am seriously thinking of chucking it all in, and i'm sorry to say that may also include Methodism. I'm not looking for a perfect community. But i'm looking for people with integrity, those people that when a forum is public, when it can be viewed by anybody. Will take a step back look at it without ego or malice and not post stupid things that pull people down, or turn people away from Christ.

If you think this is tough in speech, you should be glad i have slept on it. It will possibly fall on deaf ears, and people will go on their merry way. If you want to really moan My chair of district is the brilliant Pete Pillinger give him a bell. My minister is the equally brilliant Mark Gilborson do likewise if you feel the need to do so.

Finally i'm not a member of the UK Methodist group, but for those reading this who are could you share it on that page. People need to know their actions and words have an effect wether it's positive or negative.

Andy Richardson 15 August 2012.

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Now it's a fact i spend most of my time on 2 wheels, the exhilaration and acceleration is incredibly life giving, and gets my blood pumping. Today i found out another friend had an accident on his motorcycle, a few bruises and broken bones, but he is still alive. So now i'm going to go on a rant about and against people who ride pushbikes with no regard for the rules of the road. If you abide by them this is not aimed at you in anyway, but i have to get this off my chest.

Push bike riders, you DO NOT own the road. you DO NOT pay tax for use of the road, you DO NOT invariably have insurance and finally WHEN THERE IS A CYCLE PATH TO USE, USE IT, my tax dollar has helped pay for it to be built. But the thing that really grinds my gears about push bike riders is when they come to a set of traffic lights, and decide that the highway code does not apply to them. They either jump onto the path and possibly hit a pedestrian, or worse still they keep edging out expecting the traffic coming towards them to stop and give way. Today while on my ride home from my mothers, 5 cyclists (assuming they were on the tour de France) blocked the road entirely, on a bend which was blind. Fortunately i was only bimbling along at 30 mph so i had time to rectify my line in the road and avoid them.

So whats the answer i have a few ideas. ALL cyclist should have a form of insurance in case of accidents. All cyclists should pay something towards use of the road (especially if a perfectly suitable) cycle path is available. If a cyclist is seen not obeying the highway code (jumping lights) at junctions and breaking the rules that car drivers and motorcyclists have to abide by or be fined. Then the cyclist gets fined. If the cyclist gets knocked off his bike by me in a car or on my bike, 9 times out of 10 i will be blamed for it. So cyclists start to use the roads properly, use the highway code and stick to it, all of our lives will be better for it