Sunday, 3 June 2012

Great Expectations

It's a book, a film, a tv series, it's also the way most of us live our daily lives, with great expectations. Dare to dream, dare to win, believe in it are all things we do daily, hoping, praying, just trying to see something we want accomplished with aplomb, or just accomplished.

On Friday night the band i'm in played our first official gig in Exeter, in a really tough spit and sawdust place, with a reputation for all sorts of dubious activity. We had great expectations before the gig, that it would go well, that it would all fall into place, and that the punters would enjoy it, by the way it all did.
Then yesterday i watched the England game against Belgium, my expectations for the Euro competition are not great by any level.

What are your expectations based on? is it some airy fairy feeling of hit and hope, sometimes mine are if i'm honest. Are they rooted in the ground or rooted in the sky up amongst the clouds and the birds. Our expectations should be rooted in what we know, to a degree, what our experience shows us, if we have gone a certain way before and it has worked, there is a chance it will again. This is a tried and trusted formula, but can make us lazy to try new things, to try and stop the norm. If i believed in a previous life, i was probably a pioneer, i love new adventures, love to try and get that new experience under my belt. But that requires a certain amount of faith,. Faith that it will all be right, faith that it will all be good, sometimes it is, sometimes it's a complete nightmare, and i never go back if i can help it.

What are your expectations based on, are they rooted in something worthwhile or are they based on a pipe dream without the pipe. God has a plan for each and everyone of us, a plan that is based on his will for each and everyone of us. It's no pipe dream, it is a great Expectation an expectation of brilliance and success. My expectation for England is that they will not get out of the group stage in Euro 2012, if they do it will be great, but i doubt it, i hope i'm wrong we will see.

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