Friday, 7 December 2012

Toilet roll and Worship.

It's an age old debate that divides people, splits opinion and causes all sorts of ruckass in different houses, what way does the toilet roll go? Are you an over the top type of person, or are you a round the back next to the waller?. Both have benefits and advocates, both do what they say on the tin, they give you toilet paper.

And so it is with Worship, some forms of worship appeal to some and not to others, Some like a Charismatic approach, others like a more structured and sedate form of worship. Neither is completely right or completely wrong, what works for you to enable you to come into Gods presence is great, it helps you connect with God, and that can only be good. But our worship is not only about Sunday, what we do for the rest of the week in our lives needs to contain a regular form of worship in some form. Just as letting the toilet roll get dangerously low or empty, we need to be continual in our worship to God, how that act of worship happens is entirely down to the individual. It maybe a walk in the woods, a ride on a motorcycle, a time of listening to worship music, or even doing the dishes, we need to continually commune with God.

Finally we need to be respectful of the way someone chooses to worship in a church service or privately, too often we deride someone because they enjoy a dance and doing the Charismatic two step. While others would want to kneel in quiet contemplation, some of us combine the two. In between we have people who enjoy a certain form of worship. If it brings you into the presence of God enjoy the way you do it, revel in Gods presence and grace, roll in his beauty and immerse yourself into the life of Christ in God

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