Thursday, 28 March 2013

Casting shadows

We are now fully ensconced in Easter time, and tomorrow in our city as with many towns and cities up and down the country Christians will march through their respective towns, forgetting their petty differences and focusing on the cross, and what happened on it.

Historically according to the Gospels three people were crucified on that day, 2 thieves and Christ himself, 3 crosses casting 3 shadows upon the ground and 3 broken bodies, with their joints a war while religious vipers cast hatred and ridicule at what was going on. Sometimes we get ridiculed for our faith, some of the time we deserve it, because of our actions, we can be proud, stiff necked, hurtful and all those things we love to point out in others we suffer from ourselves. When you look at the cross what do you see? Is it an instrument of death because it is, or do you see an instrument of life because it is that as well. The cross is a mystery, it can be many things to many people, ask yourself what does it mean to me? As a Christian i believe that cross bought about a change, that affected my life in a very real way.

But the death of Christ was not the end of it, you see to cast shadows you need light, darkness cannot cast a shadow as it's dark and a shadow is a trick of the light when light hits the object. We do not have to stand looking at the shadow of the cross and standing in the darkness it casts. But we can  look to the light which is casting that shadow, the light of a new day, the light of the resurrection, the light of the world, breaking into the darkness, setting the captives free, bringing new hope, new life for all who will accept it.

Have a blast celebrating the easter story this year, celebrate the new life given for us, the new day a fresh start for each and every one of us.

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