Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Jesus was a spaceman

The other day i listened while a member of my family explained his reasoning behind Jesus being a spaceman, the whole DNA splicing with alien genes, the alleged proof that this happened and what it meant to him. Then he asked me an interesting question " if Jesus was a spaceman would you still believe in him" I took sometime to think before i answered him. The simple answer was not simple at all, on one level it's the person and teachings of Jesus i follow or try too. On another level i had to say no because it would take away his deity and his Godhood (try explaining that in 5 minutes with a cup of tea and a cigarette) he got what i was saying and tended to agree with the Bible part of what i said (his words) but was still convinced Jesus was a spaceman, so would it matter? Like i said on one level no it would not, we follow the teachings of Jesus if he came, and was a spaceman his teachings still ring true, and his work on earth is no less valid, at least he came and helped out.

On another level we have to deal with the whole virgin birth, his life, the things he said and his resurrection. The whole person of Jesus is uniquely tied to his Godhood and his status as the Son of God, if you take this away you are left with a man who made claims he could not back up and thus he becomes a liar, and the Apostle paul says "that if it was a lie we are to be pitied above all men" but this thought pattern also got me to thinking why people believe what they do. Over the years many of my friends have called me a nutter or worse for believing in God and what the Bible says about him, while all the time holding to some very strange beliefs themselves (aliens, Atlantis, crop circles which i know how they are made)) and not seeing the irony in what they have said to me. So why is it easier to believe in Aliens or something else other than God? Part of the problem lays in the fact that God requires something from you. He requires that you follow him, that you turn away from sin, that you start to do good instead of bad, that you and i need to be different than what is around us. We follow a narrow path, a path that starts as a pilgrimage and makes us disciples by the time we have finished the walk and we have shuffled off this mortal coil, God wants something from us. That is where i believe the rub for a lot of people lays, they want the goodness of God, the blessings and all that nice stuff, but are by and large not prepared to lay it all on the line for God not prepared to sacrifice, not prepared to just give in and let God be God. There is that glorious verse in the Bible that says" the truth will set you free" it's true it does, but to have that freedom we also need to submit to God, it's a dichotomy in all truth. To gain absolute freedom we have to submit to God and his rule, how can you have freedom if you are abiding by rules? it's not about the freedom to break laws or be a pain in the neck. It's the freedom to know that no matter what God is with you, offering guidance, offering hope, offering forgiveness offering himself.
There are demands in the Christian life, there are things we need to do as Christians and followers of Christ, those things may require sacrifice, may require that we lay ourselves down and just let God do his thing. That is why some people cannot or will not accept God, they cannot get over the barrier of "this is me and i'm number 1" the truth is when we come to the foot of the cross and ask and seek forgiveness we are actually saying i messed up, i can't do it on my own, which means we are not number 1 anymore.
So if Jesus was a spaceman, i don't mind his teachings still stand the test of time, but if him being a spaceman takes away his divinity i'm going to say not a hope in henry can he be, and keep walking this path i started on many years ago.

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