Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Every picture tells a story, don't it?

It used to be said that the camera never lies, and in the good old days it never did. Now thanks to technology i can put myself on top of Nelsons column and do it so well you would believe it, the glories of Photoshop. But there is a downside to this, as now especially if it's on line we believe it without question and post and repost with little or no research, we have all done it or will do at some point.

 Abraham Lincoln said " not everything i said about the internet is true" we have to be careful with what we post, what we say and how we say it mainly because within the written text, pitch, tone and what you want to say never fully comes across. But this is more about manipulation of ideas and individuals, manipulating the news for it to say what you want. Fox in America is very good at this and only this week the BBC have been accused of a bias when putting out the news, so what can we do about it? Firstly i think we need to use more than one news source for our stories, that would help us to begin with. Instead of looking at a news source that backs up our ideas, look further afield and see what others are saying about it.
Egypt is in turmoil at present, people being killed for their faith, people being inprisoned for speaking out against tyranny, and the realisation for certain governments around the world that again we screwed up with our nose poking in Egypt. What you don't see on the news is how Christians and Muslims are working together in Egypt to help and protect each other, but it's not deemed news worthy because we have become so used to BAD NEWS that GOOD NEWS is irrelevant to the masses.
Jesus for it is he who was proclaimed Prince of Peace, showed how to live together, gave instruction on it and showed the way. Can we blame God for humanities lack of willingness to try and live as human beings, to show mercy, to show love for our fellow human beings. Sticking my neck out i would say no we can't blame God, we have to accept that in some cases we are to ready to live in the mire and denial, than we are to live in grace and mercy as a whole. Certain individuals show great love and mercy, but mob rule rules by and large and we need to change that in some way. It needs to start with me, it needs to start with you, we need to be the change we want to see, it's time to stop pointing the finger at others and look in the mirror and see where we fit into this. As a poor example of a Christian i need to do better, need to see things differently, we all do in reality. The media tells you what it wants you to hear, it tells you what is news and what is not. There is a meme doing the round this week which speaks volumes on this. The cast of SHERLOCK are filming the new series and the Paparazi were out in force taking celebrity snaps. Then one of the actors wrote on a piece of paper " go photograph Egypt and show the world something important" we will all have an idea of what is important in our own lives, but sometimes we need to take of the rose coloured glasses and look at things differently. PLEASE PLEASE keep Egypt in your thoughts.

Peace peeps and see afresh

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