Monday, 30 December 2013

If i had some bullets and a gun!!

We come to the end of another year, some of us will be glad to see the back of it, others had a great year and have no reason for fear or despair. We as a species saw more wars, more famine, more destruction by nature and by man, we saw governments overthrown, we saw public figures die and we partied in the street over the death of a woman who was loved and loathed in equal measure by probably equal amounts of people, all the time forgetting "there but for the grace of God go i" . This year i have been amazed by acts of kindness, acts of love, which have changed lives and opinions made people better and given hope where little existed.
Into this kettle of discord, i jumped onto an online Christian page which contains all the usual suspects and rants so much about what is wrong they rarely point out what is right, everything is a sin and if you do not believe like we do you are demonic (3 times in 2 weeks) i was told that (a new record) for me. So we now have Christians acting and performing like a viking horde on a pillaging raid and not caring about taking prisoners, they just need to be right. Basic biblical understanding goes out the window, because every word is true and it is all literal and don't you dare get me to think about my faith because thinking leads to demonisation. You see Christians take the bait far to easily and jump up and down without thinking how it actually looks, make wild claims lets look at a few from History. Alice Cooper branded demonic and satanic turns out Alice is an entertainer a singer and he knows shock tactics sell he is also a Christian and will happily talk about his faith. The movie The Last Temptation of Christ caused up roar due to a small segment towards the end of the movie, Christians got up in arms wanted to picket cinemas and branded the movie as blasphemous. Actually if we had shut up as Christians it would not have mattered, it was the Christians who publicised the movie and by the way the movie was a hard watch and was rubbish, not as good as the book it was based on. What i'm driving at is this, sometimes we need to take a back seat and wait for things to unravel a bit, don't jump to inconclusive conclusions, don't brand people for not being like us/me. As Christians we spend far to much time telling society it is wrong, that it is in a moral pit and forget we are part of that society we helped shape it by our attitudes, our desires and we helped create the moral pit. How? by not doing the right thing, by not speaking out against injustice (of all types) by not caring about those we don't like, by not doing what Jesus would do. You see the church or large sections of it have decided this years hang your coat on topic is Same sex marriage, it's going to run and run and for some people it matters for others it does not. Some of us will leave hot headed debates and snide comments to those who feel the need to browbeat and deride people, last week someone said "that the time for debate is over on SSM because teenagers are killing themselves. Instead of browbeating and condemning why not hug that Gay teenager/person and tell them you love them" that actually spoke masses to me. You see i have decided for the new year i'm not going to get involved in stupid debates that run round in circles, i'm going to set out to love those who i find it difficult to love, love those who are different, to try and make a difference in hurting lives. In short i'm aiming high but I'm going to try and "do what Jesus would do"


  1. I pray that you manage that level of comfort in your own faith that you don't have to argue your position all the time.
    Is this just online arguing or are you going to manage it in real life too?
    Blessings to you Andy and your lovely new wife.

  2. I'm aiming to take it into all areas Suzie, i spend more time away from the church than in it, as you know. So i'm gonna take a different stance this year and " not attend every argument i'm invited to" lol. God bless you and i hope your new year is brilliant and full of blessing.