Saturday, 26 April 2014

A bumblebee don't understand it can't fly

A bumblebee has no idea that according to Physics and aviation it cannot take off, its impossible for it to fly (and being blown by the wind is not flying) You see the shape is all wrong, power to weight ratio all wrong and its not meant to happen. The humble bee is a freak of nature, a mishap of creation and on  paper as much use as a chocolate fireguard. This set me to thinking about things, life the universe etc.

When i first found faith in God it was a very simple time, God seemed to wrap me in a blanket of doing and looking back on it , it was Gods way of showing me he was around. Prayed and things happened, asked and received, it was a great time, a simpler time, things happened because we knew and i knew no better. If it said it in the Bible i believed it, did not understand it but i believed it and for that stupid faith God moved in me and for me it was great. Then i started to read, i started to listen to other people, i started to take their doubts on board, i needed an education about God i needed to be able to understand every last part of what was written, what was and is said, and that was detrimental. People would start to explain why God did not do certain things in this day and age, why prayer was pointless, why healing never happened, and asked why i was so stupid to believe like a child, funnily enough when i was a child i had a lot less grief and a lot less hassle and a lot less need to understand.

Maybe its the age we live in, but too many Christians are trying to legitimise their faith by turning it into an academic or faithyscience style of thing, we are trying to be all things to all men and failing. Genuinely i believe with all the hassle, grief, struggling, worry most of us go through on a regular basis, people are not looking for academic arguments, they are looking for something real, something that gives them hope, a hope that most of us had as a child and we seem to have lost it along the way. You see God is not in a box of his design, but he is in a box of my design, a box we have created to make God understandable a box which enables us to understand the mystery and remove it. For me i don't need all the answers, for me i just need to hear and hit and hope, I'm glad God is a mystery, I'm glad i don't get it, and I'm really glad God does not give a flying fig if i do or don't.

You see that Bumblebee has no idea but fulfils its purpose, we have lots of ideas and sometimes fail to fulfil our purpose. That Bumblebee really should know better, it really should, but if it knew the scientific facts about flight and what its meant to do it would do very little. Maybe we just need to stop trying so hard, revel in mystery, and achieve lift off even if other things tell us we can't. You gotta love that Bumblebee.

P.S. this is not against education or academic study, its about a simpler way of life.

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