Saturday, 6 September 2014

If i actually believed God!

What would happen if i actually believed God, not believed in God but actually believed him, you know all that great stuff about love, forgiveness, restoration, not struggling to achieve because its all laid out for you and all you really do have to do is accept it, how would that actually affect my life? What would happen if i actually started putting those principles into practise not just in my life but in the lives of other people, those people i find it hard to deal with, systems i find it difficult to deal with, actually just you know letting God be God in my life. Lately i have been trying to make things simple with regards to my faith, you see sometimes we get so wrapped up in the why for's and what for's that we actually miss the picture thats in front of us. Its very easy (especially as a Methodist) to get so sidetracked by dotting the i's and crossing the t's that we miss a lot of whats going on right in front of us. Over the years i have found much to our shame Christians are the biggest barrier to God, we stop people coming to faith by our actions, we stop them falling in love with God because of us. Lets be honest and we have all done it, would you come to faith if it was down to looking at yourself in the mirror? i would struggle with it. But you see we don't have to struggle each and everyday to achieve what God wants from us, but we spend a lot of time bitching and moaning about the state of the Church that we fail to let people see God, we fail to say "hey this is Jesus, what do you reckon"? Sometimes we need to shut up and just live it out, i have never had the image of God having a big stick to hit me with, i have a relationship with him which is based on love and respect, yes you bet your bottom dollar i struggle with certain things and certain Christians, but I'm not looking to them to fulfil my faith I'm looking to God and all that good stuff he has for us/me. Maybe its time to re evaluate why? we don't believe God, and try and put him into a box of our own making. This is not about belief in God, a lot of people have some form of belief system, this is about believing God can and will do. Is it time for the Church and Christians to re evaluate, get simple, get reconnected with our first love? maybe it is, maybe its not, but I'm beginning to see simple is the way forward, people don't need all the answers sometimes simple faith is enough.

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