Thursday, 19 April 2012

One of those days

Ever had one of those days when it was just manic?, well today has been one of those. If it could go wrong it did, if it could have gone right it didn't. The hair i have if i could have been bothered would have been pulled out. Then to round off the day i'm pondering what, why and who cares.

As a Christian i sometimes fall into the trap that everything should be a rose garden, even though God never promised me that in any shape or form. If i'm honest i wondered at times today where was God in all of this, and it's been a struggle. Was he moving away from me, was he not listening?, or was it more to the point that i was letting the situation get to me. The answer was i let it get to me, God never moved the goal today i just lost sight of it. Circumstances do affect us and at times they over whelm us, but how we deal with them is what matters. I'm blessed to have some phenomenal friends, who care for me and help me out. Sometimes that help comes from the most unlikely place, as it did tonight.

So what am i saying amongst all this inane rambling, it's something i have said from the pulpit time and again, Look up, rise above the problem and look at it through different eyes. Yes it hurts, yes it can be a pain. But if we look from a different angle, the problem is never as bad as it seems. God is never going to push you beyond what you can take, it's really that simple.