Sunday, 22 April 2012

Where the rubber meets the road.

There is a Meatloaf song called "where the rubber meets the road" from the Welcome to the neighbour hood Album. Today for various reasons i have been pondering the whole concept of the rubber of my faith hitting the road of life.

Life can sometimes be trying, it can be a chore and one heck of a struggle. But through it all, we survive, we strive and we get it right (eventually). Our friendships help shape us and our thought patterns, and enable us to grow and more importantly help. Today i appear to have achieved very little, on the surface it seems very shallow and inconsequential. In truth it has helped a number of people out, and enabled them to see things differently. So what do we do when God ask's us to hit the road. Do we slam the brakes on, because it makes us uncomfortable?. Do we not even bother starting the wheels in motion, handbrake, on keys in our pockets, and God surely you would never ask me to......... Fill in your own blanks.

Our faith requires us to start, to put it into gear, to drive. We have a responsibility to let the rubber of our faith hit the road of life. It maybe uncomfortable, it may make us wonder at times. But it's a ride we are on, a wise man told me once "buckle up" our God is in the business of moving. We move with him or stagnate. Lets make an effort to let the rubber hit the road, sand check out the Meatloaf song.


  1. When the big guy upstairs asks us to hit the road, we'd better be listening. I look at it this way. Moses went up the mountain for a while and came back with tablets of stone. Jesus walked out into the desert for his trials. They never stopped. What would have happened if they slammed on their brakes?

    People today have got to get their minds out of the rat race and listen. And as always brother, a thought provoking, inspiring and excellent read.


  2. I always thought new disciples should be issued with a crash helmet - love the idea of the rubber of our faith hitting the road of life! That is just exactly how it feels!