Monday, 30 July 2012

Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll

Great song by the mighty Ian Dury, but onto the subject at hand.

1) I no longer believe the resurrection is a fact of my faith, it may just be a story to help us along the way.

2) Jesus was not special in anyway, held no divine power and was just a good man who talked a good show.

3) He was no different than any other religious leader or icon.

4) The bible is a good story book and does not hold the information about will help you out in anyway

5) All paths lead to god, and repentance and forgiveness are nice ideals, but actually it does not matter at all if you want to.

6) Because i cannot comprehend the issue, the virgin birth is not real, because my intellect does not allow me to believe in a supernatural God.

7) Miracles do not happen, if i pray for someone and they get well, it's pure fluke and nothing to do with God in anyway.

8) My faith is not important enough to be solid. So i'm going to change what i believe to appease society and make sure i do not offend anyone.

9) It's not possible to have absolutes, because that means i may have to stand by something, and i have decided being popular is more important than telling the truth.

10) It's okay to believe what you want as long as you are sincere.

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