Saturday, 20 July 2013

Can i get a witness, i said CAN I GET A WITNESS?

Often times i get criticised for my witness. I smoke to much (true) i spend to much time in the pub (true)  i swear to much (working on it) and i spend far to much time with sinners and putting myself in dangerous positions(partly true) the main bulk of the flack comes from well meaning Christians, who rightly in their minds think they have a right to mould me into their image of what a Christian should be. They tell me where my theology is wrong, they tell me i have too much ink, they tell me i'm judgemental (the irony being when they tell me i'm being judgemental, they are judging me) they deal with my perceived intolerance by being intolerant towards me.
These people come from all parts of Christendom, i'm convinced if i published some of the emails i receive from ministers of the gospel of grace, they would probably be ashamed it was made public, but then again maybe not. You see it appears it's ok to publicly put someone down, to belittle them, hurt them, name call and generally bully people into submission, as long as it's called robust debate it's ok to do it, but funnily enough it's not. It's a real shit when you bully people whether it's robust debate or not, you see a bully is a coward, a cast iron coward, it's not actually just about physical violence (that i'm more than happy to deal with) it's about bullying people by words, they cut to the core of a persons being. I'm beginning to actually enjoy more my time spent with my non believing friends than i do in the presence of Christians and that is just stupid. I'm looking forward to the emails and comments i will get on this, maybe that makes me weird (my wife does think i'm wired up wrong) but you know what i don't care, i'm more comfortable in my skin today than i have been for years, i'm comfortable in my relationship with my wife, my friends and family and most importantly i'm more than comfortable in my relationship with God and that gets a HELL YEAH from me!!

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