Monday, 15 July 2013

Of course i want forgiveness.... i just don't want to give it to anybody who has hurt me!!!

Forgiveness is a real pain in the butt, we all want it shown to us when we have wronged someone or hurt someone, broken a law etc. But we don't tend to want to give it, we like to receive we just don't want to give it. But what if we did give it unconditionally, without thought of the wrongs done, the hurt caused and the heart ache and break that went with the problem? What if.......?
Could it really help us as individuals to forgive to just let it go and move forward instead of holding onto the past hurts we have and the anger that still goes with them, anger that we tend to point at the people who hurt us and God who allowed it to happen. We need to learn that forgiveness is a release from the prison of our hurts and anger, it releases us from that heartache, that connection to the past which drags us back and stops us being free.
All of us have hurts that have needed to be, or need to be dealt with, part of that process is a desire to forgive the wrongdoer a desire to release them from their guilt and to release us from our hurt. It's not an easy process because we hold onto things like anger and the past more than we need to in all honesty. But i genuinely believe that if we could let these things go no matter how hard it is we can be released into a great wave of love, we can't hold a grudge, we can't hold onto hurt and anger. If we do we build an emotional prison with walls so thick nothing gets through and the only ones it really hurts is ourselves. It maybe time to start removing those bricks in that prison and start letting in some light and some love, then when that light and love is reflected back it brings freedom which cannot be expressed adequately with words.

Peace people

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