Sunday, 7 July 2013

Worship and toast

Last night while unwinding after a very good and exciting gig i was having some Tomato soup and toast, which got me to thinking about a conversation i had with a mate about folded toast and unfolded toast. His point was he folds his toast, because it's thicker that way and he feels he has more as it's thicker. I keep my toast unfolded even when dipping with it, and this triggered the final thought process for a service i lead on Sunday 7th July on the subject of worship and how different forms still do what it says on the tin. All to often if something is different or out of our comfort zone we dismiss it. If it's new we dismiss it, if it is not within our theological spectrum we dismiss it out of hand, and can get quite nasty about how someone else worships God. There are certain biblical parameters for worship, one often quoted is Jesus saying" the day will come when true worshippers will worship in spirit and in truth". This statement is 2 fold it's partly prophetic about how it will be when we are before the throne of God, no bitchiness, no backbiting, no i'm right your wrong because you like guitars, i like an organ. It also has an element of the now in it, it's how we need to worship. Now this is where it gets a bit cloudy. My truth and worship works for me the way i honour God in that worship is truthful to me, and truthful to God, my spirit soars when i worship God, it takes flight and i know i'm happy with what has happened, whether that is corporately or in my private times. Another aspect of worship is it requires a sacrifice from me, that sacrifice can be in many ways but it requires me to do something which i'm not very good at and that is to humble myself before my God and King. You see as people we are not by and large humble, we are right and that is that. Differing views are not welcome, don't make me think outside of my box of comfort and you sure as heck will not make me think that i could possibly be wrong or need to be humble, how dare you do that.
You see Our worship is a requirement of the Christian walk, it's not an option, i'm going to use another word now which will offend many, but our worship is a commandment from God, it's not a case of if i want to, it's a case of i have to do so. As long as i'm true to God and myself how i choose to worship is entirely up to me, i'm learning not to inflict my style of worship on people, and i don't want other styles inflicted upon me. Yes i will try new forms of worship, if i don't like how you do it, it does not make me wrong it means we differ in our walk. It give neither of us the right to backbite and tell each other we are wrong. We can be different as long as our focus is on God i don't have a problem with your liturgy, just have the grace not to have a problem with the way i do my worship. If we can respect each other we can actually do far better than continually moaning about ABC. I'm gonna try and fold my toast tomorrow, try something different with it, i may like it i may not but i'm willing to give it a go. Because after all it's toast which ever way i fold it or unfold it.

Peace people


  1. how do you feel about biscits?....aunty greg

    1. Funnily enough mate one of the things that did come up in conversation yesterday was is a Jaffa cake a cake or a biscuit. Now it may sound a bit silly but it actually fitted in with the whole what is worship thing. Many different biscuits some you like some you don't but they are all biscuits, Personal favourite is a rich tea, can't stand bourbon creams tho lol.